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I’m Back!

I sincerely apologize for the long delay. I haven’t updated since April, when I posted the rough draft for my book, “Two Girls, One Schmuck”. The book is now available on Amazon, and has been since June!




So what’s been going on with me not posting? Well, I started working full-time in April, got a girlfriend, and now live in my own home. Lots has changed! I’m finally cut from the umbilical cord, out of my diaper, and on my own. It takes up a lot of time, takes a lot out of you, and before you know it, six months goes by and you wonder where the time went. Honestly, to me, it feels like six days.

I’m going to start updating this site as much as possible. My laptop is a piece of shit and I don’t have a PC in my home, so I have to get to a library computer to update. I’m working on getting a new laptop in the near future. Fear not, the updates will come and they’ll come more frequently. I owe it to you folks for taking the time to check out all the crazy shit on this blog. Actually, you know what, screw it. I’m going to post a few things on here today.

I think I’ve had enough time off.