Hottie with a (Killer?) Body

I know I’m gunna get slammed for this post, but am I the only guy in America that thinks Casey Marie Anthony is kinda cute?


Sure, she was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee, which is a completely disgusting thought to even think about hurting a child, let alone actually doing it. But the thing is…she got off. She was found NOT GUILTY of first degree murder back in July 2011. OJ #2, anyone? Yeah, she was found guilty on a few other minor charges, but the majority of Americans think this young lady got away with murder. Murder of her own daughter.

We all seem to think the members of that jury were pretty darn stupid. America was outraged at the verdict of not guilty. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton was so outraged that he retired and wrote a book about the case, which recently was turned into a Lifetime movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I really want to see this movie, but as of right now I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do so. Lifetime?! Made-for-TV?! Rob Lowe?! It’s a winner.

Hearing about that movie (and unfortunately not getting to see it yet) inspired me to write about Casey Anthony’s looks, OK? Not what she’s accused of doing (which is downright despicable) but her looks, which I find to be pretty attractive. Hell, I think accused murderer Jodi Arias, who’s currently on trial, is pretty hott. It’s the media that does this! Not me! I’m just a guy watching at home that has a slow-roaster.

Why is it that many trials we see on national TV (Jerry Sandusky excluded) happen to be easy on the eyes? Not that I would let that stop me from handing down a guilty verdict on someone. It’s just something to think about. Put it this way: I will watch the Casey Anthony movie. I will follow Casey Anthony’s video diary (which can be found here and I will buy Casey Anthony’s book (if and when she ever decides to write one).

Not because of the looks (which some of you may and probably will disagree with) but because I want to hear how a twenty-something year old woman can go through all of that tragic mess and still get away with it. In my opinion everything seem to be laid out in front of the jury, but they still didn’t buy it. I want to check out Jeff Ashton’s book, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony and I also want to check out defense attorney Jose Baez’s book Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.

This stuff fascinates me. I was glued to the Casey Anthony trial. Now I’m glued to the Jodi Arias trial. Would I be as glued to the George Zimmerman or Jerry Sandusky cases? Probably not. The murder (in many’s eyes of self defense) of a black teenager and the rape of countless young boys from a former Penn State football coach doesn’t interest me quite as much as alleged cold-blooded murders carried out by hott women.


Killer or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re good-looking. It changes how good-looking they are on the inside, but definitely not on the outside. Unless they potentially gain a ton of weight in prison and become unrecognizable (see Melissa Huckaby, murderer of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu). There was an online rumor circulating a few months back that Casey Anthony had gained so much weight that no one could recognize her.

This would have got me goin’ because I like more voluptuous women. Not obese, but curvy. I’ll admit I would have enjoyed watching Casey Anthony inflate like a balloon. Just like I’m going to enjoy watching Kim Kardashian’s ass swell up to the size of Texas because of her pregnancy. Or how I’m watching to see how much weight Jessica Simpson puts on this time around with her second pregnancy. Will it be 80 pounds all over again? I can only hope.

I wonder what Casey Anthony is doing right now. Maybe regretting what she (allegedly) did? Maybe making more Internet vids for millions to watch? Maybe hanging out with some friends at a steakhouse in Florida? (Where she was thought to have been seen last month.) Maybe watching her own movie while munching on some popcorn?

It’s amazing what we do to other people. It’s amazing what we make other people. People like Casey Anthony may be hott, but people should be celebrities because of intelligence and passion Not losers like that human piece of trash Snooki. Not Justin Bieber. But that’s another topic for another time.


Remember Caylee Marie Anthony…2005-2008


Remember Sandra Cantu…2001-2009