2014, Here I Come!

What’s happenin’, y’all? It’s been awhile. I’m attempting this blog entry on my home computer, so wish me luck. If you see any weird spaces and/or your laptop/iPhone/Mac/PC starts to burn up, well…sorry about that. I can’t believe 2013 is history already. Seems like every year goes by so quickly, but 2013 shot by like a ROCKET. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, productive 2014. There were some things I could have done differently, and I still have LOTS to work on (including, but not limited to, updating this website more often and finding a FULL-TIME job!) but one thing won’t change: I’m very grateful for the life I have. Could it be better? Always. Am I in control of it? No question about it. I am the captain of my own ship. I decide where it sails from here on out. Here’s to clearer waters and brighter skies!

Here was the scene at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh when midnight arrived to ring in 2014. Notice the couple at the very bottom of the photo. What a passionate smooch, right? Thing is, this cougar kept looking at me the whole night, so could I have been on her mind at the time? We’ll never know. Her interaction toward him seemed force, but they both had wedding rings on, so I’m going out on a limb to assume they’re married to EACH OTHER. Maybe it was my fantasy with her that was forced. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wish my tongue was in her mouth rather than Waldo Goes Corporate.

Hard Rock

What I hope will be the last chapter to “I’m With You, Kinda Sorta” will be released this month. The one-year anniversary of this site is January 16, so I may shoot for that as a release date. I’ve always wanted this to be a WEEKLY, entertaining blog about anything and everything. I want people guessing as to what the topic is going to be about. Sometimes the topics are a hit (see any story about my personal life), and sometimes they’re not (see any story that’s NOT about my personal life). It’s just what’s on my mind at the time. It is about anything and everything, but I’m lacking on the weekly part. I hope to at least get somewhat on board with that in 2014.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head it’s disgusting. The challenging part for me is actually carrying out those ideas. I want to start a band (the only thing I could offer is my beautiful shower voice), a podcasting network (to cover the major areas of life in general: politics, sports, movies, music), write a fiction piece (since all my material so far has been non-fiction) and even expand this blog to maybe someday include some other voices besides my own. Notice I said MAYBE. It’s a thought, but since it IS sullyshow.com and titled “Sully Says” and since I pay to maintain the domain name, I might just stick with my words. Not sure yet, but it’s something to think about. I’m in the beginning planning stages of Sully’s Totally-Not-Winter Classic 3. Get ready Black Attack and Green Machine, it’s gunna be another great series! Let’s win at least one this year, Machine. I love you guys.

I’m certainly all over the map with my thoughts and actions and who knows if any of those ideas I rattled off above will come to fruition, but I definitely wanna find at least some direction in 2014. I can’t say I’m unhappy with my life, but I definitely could be a whole lot happier. And more productive. An old friend posted this ancient photo on Facebook recently and it brought a smile to my face:


No, I’m not the one in the middle. I’m actually the one on the right. I was around 6 years old and thought I was a ladies man. Okay, maybe I was. Probably the only 6-year-old kid in the entire Catholic school system that wasn’t a virgin when it came to an actual makeout sesh. I swear I was attacked in the backseat on the way to kindergarten (or was it preschool?) one morning by an eager lady friend. So happy, so full of life, so innocent. I want to get back to those days. Well, I guess we can forget about the innocent part, but the happy and full of life part needs to come back. I think it will. It takes time, but each day I try to figure out a tiny bit more about myself and where I’m going.

Growing up sucks, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun every day doing at least one thing that you love. Life is entirely too short to not be happy. If you’re doing something just for the money, but you’re a miserable bitch, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re doing something you love and not making that much money, but you’re entirely happy, who’s to judge that? In this day and age, it’s all about being better than and having more money than the next guy. I hope to have millions one day, but it has to come along with doing something I’m in love with. That’s why I’m taking my time and seeing what’s out there FOR ME. I’m not gunna take a job and make a couple more bucks an hour just to say I have full-time work, and then be miserable. I work part-time right now making decent money at a job I really like and certainly don’t wanna lose it, so I wanna play my cards right.

Don’t worry, I’m not gunna suddenly start charging for this blog…

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BIG Announcement!

No, I’m not pregnant. But that would make some headlines, don’t you think?

From January 29 until March 13 of this year, I wrote about a particularly interesting dating experience of mine in “I’m With You, Kinda Sorta”. I was going strong, reaching Part V of the sad saga. However, with all I was dealing with emotionally  at the time, on March 19, I informed you dear readers that I wasn’t going to continue the “Kinda Sorta” series.

I didn’t anticipate the number of people that would voice their opinions about how disappointed they were with my decision. I didn’t realize just how many people were following the story. I was writing it for myself. To vent. Sure, I’d love people to read about my experience, but I didn’t think people cared that much. Turns out, they did. “I’m With You, Kinda Sorta” joined (and I think eventually even eclipsed) “A Virgin Suicide” as the most popular, talked-about, highest-viewed material I’ve ever written…anywhere.

I didn’t anticipate that I would have a clear enough head at this point to continue the story. Back in March when I made that unfortunate announcement, I didn’t think I’d ever be ready to move on. I thought I was done. Well, I am done with that whole experience that consumed a year of my life, but I’m here to tell you that I’m not done with “I’m With You, Kinda Sorta.”

The story must go on. It will go on. It will end.

I owe it to the folks who follow this blog, who read my material, who are genuinely interested in my thoughts and life experiences. More importantly, I believe, I owe it to myself. By finishing this story, I wish to close a chapter of my life that was both extremely memorable and utterly disappointing. I’m not going to rush the ending because I want to get all the details lined up and accurate. I want to finish this story the way it deserves to be finished: with kid gloves. In a way, I’m treating “I’m With You, Kinda Sorta” as the poster child of not only this website, but of my writing ability. Please be patient, but also be aware that it’s in-the-works.

Thank you so much.

Sully Says In Your Ear

For those of you out there that either A) don’t like to read or B) don’t have the time to read or C) don’t know how to read or D) all of the above, then this blog might not be for you. In fact it’s definitely not for you. HOWEVER, I fixed that so none of you lazy and/ or illiterate folks out there need to worry. I’ve started the official Sully Says podcast, available exclusively on http://www.sullyshow.podomatic.com .

The podcast is simply the audio version of this blog, with each podcast being dedicated to a specific blog entry. For instance, yesterday I posted the first episode, where I read the first-ever blog entry on this site, “Thanks, You Bum”. Yep, that’s right. There’s not only a podcast dedicated to this blog, but the blogs are read by ME! Yeah, ME! What could be better?

I can’t think of anything.

So please go ahead and check out the new podcast on Podomatic. I’ll most likely read one blog entry per week, starting with the older ones, but since this is a new thing and I’m “Kinda, Sorta” excited, there MAY be more than one podcast per week to start out. You’ll just have to keep going to http://www.sullyshow.podomatic.com and find out.

On a different note, I’d like to start doing some interviews for this website. Sure, any old fart would do since I’m game to talk about anything, but I wanna aim for well-known people that are actually promoting something. For instance, my favorite porn star Jenna Presley (I’ve met her twice, and both times she’s been incredibly friendly), former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester (who slimmed down a few years back to where she admitted she looked “hott” to now gaining back 105 pounds to be pretty large and in charge again), Howard Stern himself (which I admit is a long shot), or anyone else I can dig up that may have something to say.


Like I said when I started this thing, I want it to be big. It’s pretty big already (with over 1,300 views in a little over 4 months…not too bad for a no-name like me), but I want it to be even bigger. And that means getting big names that people know. Not only big names, but big names that actually have something to say. (That leaves Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton out). 

I only mentioned Jenna Presley, Ajay Rochester, and Howard Stern because they’re the ones that came right to mind this early in the morning. When I say “early in the morning” I mean 9:30am. Yeah, I’m pathetic. But I’m writing this as I’m about to head to class, so I’m pretty badass. I should be studying, yet I’m blogging to the masses. 

I’m the coolest motherf*cker on the planet. 

But if any of YOU out there have something to say, and/or want to promote something (anything!) send me an e-mail at sullymailbag@yahoo.com and we’ll set something up. Anyone and everyone is welcome to be featured on this site. You don’t have to be a celebrity and you don’t have to be promoting something. It’s just preferred.

Until next time, people.. 


Who The **** R U?

In case some of you haven’t seen my “About” section of this website yet, I figured I’d make it convenient for you and just post it as part of the archives. Here it is, in its entirety. Oh and by the way, Part 2 of “A Virgin Suicide” will be up soon Can you smell the sex yet?. Have at it!

For some reason I can’t stand these “About” sections. I never know what to include or how to phrase stuff. I guess I’ll give it a shot, though. My name is Ryan Sullivan, but I go by “Sully.” Don’t ask me why, just read my last name and you’ll figure it out. I’ve been wanting to start my own website for a long time, but I either got ripped off (which I wrote about in my first-ever post) or couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m mostly technologically retarded, which is why I’m surprised I was able to set up this thing.

I’m a Broadcasting major so of course I have a lot to say. A lot of stuff that goes on in this world really boils my blood, but I alone can’t do anything about it. Hopefully if I complain enough and a lot of you read and comment on what I have to say, things might change. Someday. I’ve only been on this earth a little over 1/5 of a century, so there’s still time. We can only hope.

There is no one else in this world like me. Yes, we are all different and that’s the “beauty” of the world we live in, but I’m pretty damn different. No one has been able to figure me out as of yet, and who knows if anyone ever will. I can’t even count how many people have told me either “There’s just something about you…” or “You’re unlike any other person I’ve met in my entire life.” I’m not bragging about this fact because that could be good or bad. But ya know what? I take it as a compliment. I’m slowly learning to appreciate and feel more comfortable with myself.


I’m not saying I’m uncomfortable with myself, but I could always be even more comfortable. Ya know? I wrote, produced, and hosted my own public access TV show called “The Sully Show” from 2005-2008. You can see some of the later episodes at http://www.youtube.com/sullyshow. Don’t be too harsh. I was just a kid! No, I’m kidding. That was the happiest time of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. Ever. Except for maybe a beer. Again, kidding.

We had a lot of fun on that show. When I say “we” I mean myself and my “staff” of volunteers (friends, to be exact) that helped with directing, camera work, and coordination of guests. I think some even came to just hang out, and that’s perfectly fine with me. I also did a podcast for a few years during that time that was similar to the TV show. Names varied from “The Weekly Wipe” to “SNozcast.” Don’t ask. The shows were entertainment-based with viewer e-mails, guests of all kinds (from athletes to musicians to radio personalities to Frankenstein), movie/music reviews, and pretty much anything else you could imagine. It was all there.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was nice enough to give a plug to my show during my interview with him after a charity basketball game. He messed up “B-P-T-V” and said something like “B-P-B-T-V” but it was definitely worth it. Almost got to interview Steelers linebacker James Harrison, but in a nervous moment called him Jerome Harrison instead. He wasn’t too happy and needless to say, I missed out on that interview. There were so many great moments on that show I could go on forever. But I won’t.

This blog (or as I like to call it “my official website” to sound even more cool) gives me a chance to tell you all about my experiences, thoughts, and actions in a world I don’t have much hope for. I get to tell you about my interactions with a population I don’t always think very highly of. Most importantly, I get to write about about an endless amount of topics on a regular basis. Whether it be trivial everyday life happenings, movies, music, sports, politics, books, relationships, school, current events, or even cute 18-year-old Cuban strippers, (you name it!) you’ll find it here.

After four long years, I’m proud to present the official SullyShow.com.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.