Arias Jury: We Can’t Decide

The verdict in the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias case on Thursday was that there was no verdict. The jury of 8 men and 4 women could not come to a unanimous decision on whether to send Jodi to life in prison or death row. This came after more than 13 hours of deliberation and a few sealed questions from the jury. They already convicted Jodi of first degree murder (and deemed it “especially cruel”) but they could not reach a decision on the penalty phase. I’m not totally surprised by this lack of decision.

Once the clock ticked to over 10 hours on jury deliberation time, I started to worry a little. At that point, I didn’t think the jury was going to give Jodi death. Well, I was right but not totally right. They didn’t give Jodi death, but they didn’t give her life either. Instead, the jury gave her nothing. Well, I can’t say that. They gave her nothing today.  They did give her something back on May 8. They gave her a first degree murder conviction. That’s a big something.

The first degree murder conviction ertainly gave the Alexander family some sense of justice, albeit more tears in memory of their beloved brother Travis. I would rather this jury not have reached a unanimous decision than set her up for life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years. THAT would be a travesty. However, I can’t help but walk away from today feeling a sense of disappointment. I feel like Jodi won today, and the Alexander family lost. Just a bit. We all know that Travis’ family hopes for Arias to be put to death. I can’t blame them for that. I don’t think any rational, sane person can. Not one bit.

The jury’s lack of decision, though, places Arias back in the same spot she was before. In jail, garnering all the attention she can possibly get while still being an infamous celebrity of sorts. A hellish diva. The media is giving her all the attention in the WORLD and then some. HLN may as well be called “The Jodi Arias Network”. I must admit that I probably watch HLN more than any other channel, but the facts are the facts. This case has been sensationalized WAY too much, and HLN is right at the forefront. Can we toss Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace in there with Jodi Arias when she’s put away?


KSAZ Fox 10 News anchor Troy Hayden had an exclusive interview with the killer herself. Hayden asked Arias, “Why do you want to talk to us [the media]?” Arias shot back, “Well, why do you want to talk to me?” It pains me to say this but…Arias had a point. Why should any of us care what she has to say? The only true thing that comes out of her mouth is her name. Oh, and when she said she enjoyed the sex between her and Travis. I’m sure that was true, too. They seemed to have an awful lot of it.

Mere hours after she was convicted of first degree murder, Arias was doing a TV interview during which she said she would rather receive a death sentence than life in prison. She referred to death as “the ultimate freedom”. During her allocution on Tuesday, she completely reversed gears. During the final plea for her life, she told the jury she would rather spend the rest of her life in prison than be put to death. She presented a PowerPoint slideshow to the jury that showed pictures of her all the way back until when she was a baby, along with pictures of her family. She told the jury that, if she received life, she would continue to donate to charities, become a better person, and make a positive impact on other inmates. Jodi made sure to show the members of the jury a t-shirt she designed, a white shirt with the word “SURVIVOR” across the front.


Jodi Arias has no shame. Even during the final plea for her life in front of a jury in a case the entire world is watching, she is still throwing daggers. She is still talking about herself. She is still fake crying when it comes to Travis Alexander and his family’s grief. The only time I saw an inkling of true emotion is when she talked about her own family. She instructed the jury to not put her to death because of her family. She didn’t want her family to go through that. Never mind what the Alexander family is thinking. Never mind that she stabbed Travis 29 times, slit his throat ear to ear, and shot him in the head in a jealous rage while he was naked in the shower.

We’ll all just have to wait until July 18, when a new jury convenes to decide whether Jodi Arias should spend the rest of her life in prison or get the needle. When this case first began, I was torn on whether she should get life or death. After seeing her lie on the stand under oath for over 2 weeks, trash Travis and his family, brag about her artistic talents, advertise her new “SURVIVOR” t-shirt (which you can actually buy online…I won’t plug the site here), and do countless interviews while soaking up every bit of the limelight she can get, I think some lethal injection would be the perfect fit for a woman like Jodi Arias. Maybe then, she would finally shut up. I know it will take a long time for her to be put to death, but at least it would happen.

It has to happen. For Travis Victor Alexander.